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A Place For Crafty Moms and Their Kids

Whether you’re a mom or dad who likes photography, polymer clay, DIYs or crafting in general, I hope you will find this is a place for you.  I have been told on more than one occasion that I “have fingers in every pie.”  My project list continues to grow in a wide variety of mediums.  At the same time I am trying to raise two kids in today’s crazy world.  It is my hope to provide a little place for the people like me. 

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Top 5 Tools Every Crafter Needs
If you love dabbling in crafts whether it be with your children, maybe something more dedicated like polymer clay, resin or painting, then I’m sure you have found some tools that have proved useful in more than one scenario.  Read More…

Polymer Clay Emoji Smiley Tutorial image with Emojis on a fridge

Polymer Clay Emoji Smiley Tutorial

I have put together a step by step tutorial with images that shows how to make this adorable polymer clay emoji smiley face. Create a fridge magnet or make miniature sized ones for adorable stud earrings. Read More…​


There was only one option I hadn’t tried and it was a huge step to take. The dreaded words – Changing My Diet. As a lover of all things sweet, fried and non-vegetable, I despised the thought of trying it. After a few weeks of chewing on this thought, I had finally worked up the nerve to try. My health depended upon it.  Read More…

Let’s Resin: A Review

About two weeks ago I purchased several silicone molds (affiliate link) from Amazon sold by a company called Let’s Resin.  I would like to note that when I made this purchase, it was not my intention to write a review about it.  Rather, I was so impressed when it arrived that I felt compelled to write the review.  Read More…