Polymer Clay Emoji Smiley Face

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Polymer Clay Emoji on my fridge

I have put together a step by step tutorial that shows how to make this adorable polymer clay emoji smiley face.  Above is my emoji sticking to my fridge!  It’s so easy to add a magnet to the back, which you can get at most crafting stores.  You could even make a mold of it and create lots of magnets!  Maybe you want to add it to a custom picture frame you’re making, or make them miniature size for cute little stud earrings.  I have made this a few different ways, and this is the one I like the best.  The face isn’t flat, but more domed which gives it a better quality appearance.  

What You’ll Need:

1.  1/2 bar (1/4 oz) from a 2 oz package of yellow polymer clay.  

2.  1/4 bar (1/8 oz) from a 2 oz package of black polymer clay.

3.  Cutting tool

Roll out a quarter sized ball of yellow polymer clay, 2 pea sized balls of black clay and 1 ball half the size of a pea (1).  Using your thumb, flatten the center of the yellow ball (2).  Smooth the outer edge using your finger (3) to make a slightly domed disc with no harsh edges (4).  This will be your emoji’s face.

Polymer Clay Emoji Smiley Tutorial Steps 1 - 4

Roll your two pea sized black balls (5) into thick logs (6) and press them flat with your finger (7). These will be your emoji’s eyes.  Using your cutting tool, slide it underneath your “eyes” (8) and place them on your emoji’s yellow face(9).

Polymer Clay Emoji Tutorial Steps 5-8

Take your last black half pea sized ball (10) and roll it into a snake thinner than the log made for the eyes (11). This will be your emoji’s mouth.  Cut the ends off of the snake you just rolled out (12) until your emoji’s mouth is the size you want it to be (13).

Polymer Clay Emoji Tutorial Steps 9 - 12

I actually cut off a little extra before I placed the mouth on the face of the emoji (14).  When placing the mouth on the face, start with one side using light touches to get it right where you want it, pressing down slightly when the mouth is where you want it (15).  Again use your cutting tool to help you lift your emoji off of your work surface and onto your baking surface. Bake according to the instructions on your clay’s packaging.  After baking and allowing to cool, you can add a magnet to the back or use it to accessorize a picture frame or some other project.  

Polymer Clay Emoji Tutorial Steps 13-16


I made mine into fridge magnets 🙂  Below I have arranged the instructions into a single image for your use, to save or pin on Pinterest.  Let’s see your EMOJIS!

Polymer Clay Emojis on my fridge
Polymer Clay Emoji Tutorial complete in one image
Polymer Clay Emoji Smiley Tutorial image with Emojis on a fridge