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If you love dabbling in crafts whether it be with your children, maybe something more dedicated like polymer clay, resin or painting, then I’m sure you have found some tools that have proved useful in more than one scenario.  Here is a list of my top 5 tools that every crafter needs:

1.  Hot Glue Gun.  These babies are relatively cheap anymore.  You can easily pick one up with some glue sticks for under $20.  The one thing I don’t use *hot glue* with would be polymer clay. That said, this item has proved amazingly useful in a variety of settings.  You know those awesome, simple DIY’s that never manage to turn out like the video you saw on Pinterest? They often use hot glue guns. At a lower temp, you can even use it on paper and plastics.  Awesome, right?  

2.  Acrylic Paints. Sometimes a project needs a touch of paint, whether it’s the main focus or to touch up.  With a variety of acceptable surfaces, you’re missing out on a lot of creativity if you don’t have at least a couple basic colors at home.  

Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

3. Paint Brushes.  Sure, they’re needed for the paint, but that’s not why they’re on my list.  Brushes come in a variety of sizes with some brushes being finer or firmer than others.  Buy a decent set and keep them on hand. They’re great for texturing in clay or if you want to add a little mica powder to your project.  You can even use them in fine glitter to help you keep better tabs on them. Let’s face it, glitter gets everywhere!

4. Pliers. As someone who makes a lot of jewelry, these are a necessity.  I have both chain nose, flat nose and bent nose pliers around. I can honestly say that I have been astounded at how often these have come in handy in a pinch, particular if you’re working with any type of metal – jump rings, sheet metal, wire or what have you.

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

5. A Needle Tool.  Similar to the pliers, it’s been amazing how many times this simple tool has come in handy and it’s not just limited to crafts.  From poking a couple air pockets in resin to performing surgery on a sculpture, this has been just the tool when none other would work.  I have a few of them, but my go-to needle tool is a part of a set with interchangeable tops made by Sculpey that you can get here (Affiliate link). 



Have you found a tool that you can’t live without, no matter what type of crafting you’re involved with?  Let me know!

Top 5 Tools Every Crafter Needs Title Image